Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christmas List of Gifts

Being determined to plan and prepare early for Christmas.

Rushing into things is not my forte. In fact, today I enjoyed my last miniature candy bar from the leftover treats and put away the plastic pumpkin.

Before I could find the Thanksgiving tablecloth – I heard it! What? Oh no, did I miss Thanksgiving and the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce? Did I have a Rip Van Winkle experience? And the pie, did I miss the delicious pumpkin pie with whipped cream?

Stopping in my tracks to listen to Jingle Bells for the first time in 2007 it occurred to me that I wasn’t the one mixed up (a welcome change). It was the TV – it was the advertisers – it was the stores advancing the shopping season to get more “green” out of Christmas.

But it may turn out to be a good thing. After all, the early sales are percentage taken off the price of the new merchandise (as in available in all sizes and not picked over). I rush over to my computer desk to begin writing “The Christmas List.” This is the year of organization I tell myself smugly.

Those stores have nothing on me. I’ll make lists and be ready for every sale they have to offer. Gifts, food, paper supplies, a new outfit. Proudly I pat myself on the back as I begin to organize. Share my preparations – share my shopping lists and modify them to fit your situation.


In preparation, I take my charge cards out and line them up in front of the monitor. This will remind me not to overspend. I stifle a grin as I type the words:


    * Part One: Food
    * Part Two: Gifts
    * Part Three: Paper goods and miscellaneous items
    * Part Four: Clothes, shoes and other wearing apparel.
    * Part Five: Tree and decorations.


    * Part One: Where will we celebrate.
    * Part Two: Will I get stuck cooking the dinner this year.
    * Part Three: Make a sub-list of programs and activities to schedule.
    * Part Four: Make a sub-list of Christmas Cards.
    * Write and mail Christmas Cards.
    * Part Five: Wrap gifts.
    * Mail out-of-town gifts.


    * Part One: Make a sub-list of what needs cleaning.
    * Clean.
    * Part Two: Look over decorations.
    * Throw out junk.
    * Buy replacements for junk.
    * Decorate house-inside.
    * Nag husband to decorate house-outside.
    * Part Three: Help kids make out their lists.
    * Read their lists.
    * Figure out how large a loan you need to fulfill their lists.


    * Part One: Shop for a tree.
    * Decorate it together.
    * Part Two: Bake something, cookies, ornaments.
    * Part Three: Go Christmas Caroling.
    * Go ice-skating.
    * Visit Santa
    * Visit an elderly person in nursing home.
    * Donate a toy for a needy child.
    * Read Christmas stories to kids.

There, Christmas won’t sneak up on me this year I think while printing out the list to hang on the refrigerator. I’ll complete my lists and even have time to finish one of those fancy ornament craft kits.

As I visualize my competent self sticking pins through sequins and into a Styrofoam ball – the thought intrudes, “Oh my gosh what day is this. I have to immediately get busy planning our Thanksgiving dinner.”

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