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Swami Nandbab Ji

The vale of Kashmir perpetually shines in its pristine glory and is blessed to have been a place hallowed by great saints and men of deep insight. This place though ravaged by the travails of time, even now, holds aloft the light of spirituality and mysticism in its fragrant ambrosial sands of time. The beauty of subtle celestial vibrations still pervades the land. Among the myriads of spiritual giants who attained true self realization, Swami Nandbab Ji is regarded as a 'venerable intercession' between him and his God as a bridge for humanity to touch the trail of cosmic consciousness. ( ShANKARACHARYA Temple )

Many anecdotes about his life have been recorded and almost all of them point to his divine attainments and mastery over the four 'fruits of life'. The bliss that emanated from his being was for everybody near to uphold and feel blessed. Outwardly he sported no signs of a darvesh such as beard, jap-mala since he was way beyond the idea of body consciousness. His magnetic persona reflected the aphorism of "Tat tvam asi" - you are that? That infinite Atman is not limited by sensory bioscope of the ephemeral world. At the same time he also knew that it would require a superhuman effort from an ordinary human to transcend Mahamaya and hence preached no obscure philosophy but lent his personal help to obviate man's material and spiritual trials. This clearly points out his concern for humanity which could not comprehened lofty philosophy but like smaller boats needed a big ship for them to overcome the wirls and potential dangers of life. What separates this man of God from many other saints is his uniqueness to alleviate human suffering instantly. He was clairaudient and clairvoyant-could hear and see things beforehand. According to the recorded version of Justice J N Bhat, a few anecdotes about Swami Nandlal would substantiate the persona of this sage. Nandbab would always pay attention to keeping himself tidy with daily morning bath through regarding food he would be abstemious. He would talk in parables and generally the words seemed incomprehensible but soon it would be realized that he saw before him events that were about to happen or would happen later.Oft times saints and mystics behave in mysterious ways to convey a message and at the same time to accentuate the transitoriness of the material world. Nandbab was no different in such strides of mystical communion that upfront look strange and devoid of normal sense. His empathy with fellow human beings was revealed in several situations when suffering persons who were terminally ill and spurned by medical specialists miraculously got cured through his benign gaze. Though he didn't seem to speak directly to a person, his spiritually murtured seekers; he evinced interest in their personal matters in order that they don't get dragged back to the muck of the material world. He protected his chosen flock like a mother rendering personal attention to her child's well being.It is difficult to fathom the mysterious ways of a profound mystic with a stature as high as Nandbab, for the perceptions that we tend to hold based on the glamour of the world are often foggy, coloured by prejudices. Thus it is appropriate for us to prostrate before such a mystic and entreat him to bestow on us clarity of vision. Saints serve not from the standpoint of personal seeking but a broader cause in order to open our inner eye. They are intoxicated by a state of supreme love and strive to sacrifice themselves for the good of many. A saint’s whole life prods us with the vedantic inquiry. "Tattakim" what next! What next! The great thinker Abraham Maslow puts it very well when he states that every human has four basic needs - those of food, protection, recognition and self-actualization. Of these self-realization should be the supreme aim of every true spiritual seeker.  ( Yajjopaveet Ceremony )

Our scriptures state that the subtler an object is the more is its capacity to hold energy. Body is gross; it has muscular energy which looks great from outside but that is not necessarily a sign real strength. Nerve fiber is very subtle, it holds the fine power of thinking and is a testimony to the strength of great thinking. Individual soul is the subtlest and an infinite energy reservoir. It augurs well for us to shift our attention slowly and gradually from gross manifestations to the subtler ones in order to comprehend our own true nature. May the spark that Nandbab has lit in our hearts during his earthly sojourn continue to guide us and help us in realizing our own true potential. May everybody of our life be a festival of lights! Hallowed be thy name-the omniscient Nandbab-the mystic extraordinary!

To quote Shamboo Nath Dhar who served in J&K Accountant General's office, Nandbab made a sudden entry one day into office and signalled with his staff in hand to a junior clerk to occupy a vacant seat nearby. Shaken by the attire of the swami, the employee complied and occupied the chair. Within a few days, he was promoted out of turn as accountant in Radio Kashmir. This is a pointer to the sage's clairvoyance.
Nandbab was observed to dress up as in a battle uniform with an English hat on during the 1947 raid in Kashmir. And during that time he would draw out his stick in different directions as if he were someone to save the native land. During the invasion of Kashmir by Pakistan, people at a place where petrified to hear the sound of saber jet flying over the city. Nandbab assured them that the enemy would be kept in check but consternation was more than real for people to feel satiated. He calmed everybody that if they required his assurance on a stamp paper he would willingly provide. This raised an air of reassurance in the audience and the ritual ceremony continued. It was soon seen that despite best attempts by the enemy, Srinagar Airport did not bear a scar from the attack.It is also reported that during Bangladesh conflict, Nandbab was seen very worried for a couple of days and later he suddenly seemed to revel in joy and murmured with himself, "Everything is alright now." He also asked a person to prepare tasty Kashmiri food at that moment. Next day on All India Radio it was announced that Pakistani military had surrendered en-masse to India in Bangladesh.Nandbab was always seen scribbling something on chits of paper which people would call parvanas. Parvanas were some sort of foretelling of events about to materialize. There is a reported incident about a young man of average intelligence being given one such chit and told that he has been offered a post. Many people irrespective of faiths and age were blessed to receive these chits which indicated their soon-to-be-good fortune.        ( Holy shrine of Shri Hudh Mata )

Contemporary to his times there was a towering spiritual personality staying nearby - the great Bhagvaan Gopinathji. A day before Bhagvaanji attained Mahasamadhi Nandbab was crying inconsolably and shedding tears as if possessed by some grief. When a few people interjected and asked him the reason, he said, "The king of rishis is going away and leaving a huge worked on my shoulders."

In conclusion, I should add that Sadgurus remove "darkness" solve very difficult problems faced by their devotees, cheer them up with their sweet and soothing words. Nandbab was certainly a godly person endowed with spiritual siddhis of a rare order.

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