Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Merigold Flowers in jammu kashmir

For crop diversification and better yields Commercial Floriculture in India is increasingly being considered as a highly remunerative economic activity by small and marginal farmers. The growth in this sector is reflected in increasing domestic market and exports.      ( Surankote valley  )

The beautiful flowers of Marigold add cheer and brightness to any garden. Growers claim that these flowers are easy to grow, and occupy a prime position because of their useage as one of the most devotional ones. In Jammu-the city of temples, more than 200 small and big vendors sell Marigold every day in the temples and people of all religions use them. It may be astonishing to all of us that Marigold 's annual market in Jammu is touching about Rs. 10.00 crores. Besides its use in religious, social and national festivals Marigold is having the property to control the Plant Nematodes and is also used as a best pest repellant in the vegetable fields.
This flower can be planted in any type of well drained soils having PH 6.5 to 7.5 with sufficient irrigation. In Jammu district the crop can be cultivated 3 times in a year with the suitable varieties as per the location. N.P.K fertilizers and manures should be mixed with the soil after deep ploughing, however, nitrogen should be applied at the time of hoeing which helps in vegetative growth. The most important activity during growing season of the crop is pinching after 40 days of planting for more and vigorous yield.

In Jammu Division three varieties like Pusa Narangi Gandha, Calcutta Gandha, Marigold F1 Hybrid (Orange /yellow) have been introduced by the Directorate of Floriculture, Jammu. Due to the collective efforts of Jammu Kashmir Flower Growers Association, Floriculture Department and SKUAST, the overwhelming response is coming from farming community and farmers practically adopted this crop in a bigger way in various parts of Jammu. Farmers from Ramban to Kathua have enthusiastically adopted it and earn four times better earnings than that from their traditional crops, Even in Kandi belts of Jammu the growers have registered their massive production by growing this hardy crop and earn better yield with their own propagated seeds and indigenous technology. In some villages women farmers have made their Self help Groups and have shown their keen interest with this less labourious crop to empower them selves.

No doubt its fraganence has reached to far flung area of Bhaderwah too. During 2009 one group of villagers in Nalthi Bhaderwah planted Hybrid Marigold and earned 1.75 lac rupees from 10 kanals only and this year a 50 kanal crop is under cultivation for common wealth games under National Agriculture Innovative Programme Project.        ( Peaches  )

In Tehsil R.S. Pura the farmers produces Marigold flowers at high temperatures of 45 degree c and sell them @ Rs. 30/- to Rs. 50/- per kg to local market for their better livelihood. Also the farmers of Village Karotana, Baspur Bunglow, Kattal Battal, Samba, Marh and Bishnah admit that they have earned four times more money than Wheat and their requirement has been fulfilled by such growth of the Flowers and are receiving money every other day.

Realizing the importance of the Floriculture to state economic, the Government of Jammu & Kashmir has introduced the floriculture as a key sector and different centrally sponsored schemes like National Horticulture Technical Mission , Rashtriya Kreshi Vikas Yojna and National Agriculture Innovation Programme are in full swing. In these programmes the Government is helping the farmers by Technical and Financial support .

In the end , I can say that more collective efforts are required for the development of high yielding varieties which suits our Micro Climatic conditions and if sophisticated Market Platform for growers is being provided with practical on hand training Centre and Planned market oriented program is insisted with Pro active approach for tapping the potential Rs.10.00 crores business, the day shall be not be for away when Jammu besides the city of temples shall also be famous for City of flowers . ( Biological Diversity in Himalayas )

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