Wednesday, May 21, 2008

kashmir a Hub for Mountaineering Adventure Tourism

The inaugural function of the long gold celebrations of jubilee of year of the Indian base of Alpinism was held in Srinagar May 15। A pleiad the climbing famous ones attended the function. Kashmir was selected because the appointment because of the wide possibilities of adventure which the state must offer. Earlier in the first week of May a team of six Members of the Commission of access and conservation of mountain of the international union of Alpine associations achieved an excursion length of week of valley of Kashmir including/understanding a voyage runs to assemble Kolahoi in Pahalgam. The team was carried out by President Robert Pettigrew and members included of the Commission starting from Great Britain, of France, of Spain, of Italy, and Belgium. The Commission is occupied ensuring the access to the mountaineers various ranges of mountain in the whole world. The mandate of the Commission of access also implies the conservation of the mountains and the conservation of the ecology of the sector. It is for the first time that a so foreign team implied in activities of adventure visited areas distant from mountain of Kashmir in the end during two decades. It significant because of the unfavourable bulletins of information of voyage on Kashmir is published by various foreign offices in Europe. Once asked in an interaction of media on these bulletins of unfavourable information of voyage, Robert while joking noticed that the mountaineers do not listen to their foreign offices and are large takers of risk. The valley has two distinct mountains, Haramukh which resembles the Kailash frame and is historically the most crowned mountain. The other is Kolahoi also called Matterhorn of Kashmir which was in the past the voyage and to raise it of favourite for the climbing foreigners. Lord John Hunt the chief in British forwarding successful to assemble Everest and Mr Edmund Hillary, the climbing one celebrates had also been in Kolahoi before beginning their famous forwarding of the world. In fact Hunt lord said to me in London in semi years ' 70 which it had does not assemble Kolahoi in his first attempt and fact him a remark to measure it before going to Everest. Mr Edmund Hillary had even visited it still with his wife for a nostalgic voyage in semi years ' 80.

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